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Valley Lo Towers, Glenview, Illinois

Celebrate in Style: the Top 3 Fourth of July Fireworks Displays Near Valley Lo Towers II Apartments

Celebrate in Style: the Top 3 Fourth of July Fireworks Displays Near Valley Lo Towers II Apartments

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A Spectacular Scene

Imagine it’s a gorgeous day. The breeze cools your skin, drifting from Lake Michigan. Friends and families chat and catch up, laugh and play, taking in the summer sun. Iced coolers and grills abound with food and frosty drinks, and life feels as it should.

Beer and wine flow from kegs in the beer garden. Trees whisper in the open air. You can actually feel the sunlight dance across your face. Laughter and joy resound through the park as the sun gives way to the moon and Chicago skyline. Today is beautiful.

Then, suddenly…


The dark Illinois sky ignites in delightful shades of red, blue, and white, spark a phenomenal display of light, where you can hear and smell the explosions in the air. 

People “ooh” and “ah” in a state of wonder as rockets fly, creating a vivid picture of light.

This wondrous scene is one of our most savored American traditions – 

Fourth of July Fireworks!

We want to bring you the best experience possible this Fourth of July, so we gathered a list of the best fireworks displays near Glenview, Illinois and Valley Lo Towers II.

Links are provided below:

  1. Glenview Fourth of July Celebration

Right here in our own backyard, Glenview will put on both a parade and fireworks show on July 4th. Community West park (1001 Zenith Drive) will be the parade location, and Gallery Park (2001 Patriot Blvd) will launch the fireworks at dusk. More details and information will be available as the holiday nears, so be sure to check back to make your plans!

  1. Northbrook 4th of July

Just to the north, aptly named Northbrook will host fireworks at the beautiful Meadowhill Park and Techny Prairie Park (1479 Maple Ave, Northbrook, IL) on the Fourth. Saturday July 3rd, the Liberty Loop 5K Race will commence in the morning at Techny Prairie Parks. With live music at Village Green Park in the afternoon, and a DJ and film at dusk at the Velodrome at Meadowhill Park, this event will be packed with excitement. Sadly, the parade will not take place this year.

  1. Mount Prospect Carnival and Fireworks

Mount Prospect’s Melas Park, to the east of Valley Lo, will be celebrating in style with a carnival from June 30th through July 4th. Come enjoy the food, drinks, live music and vendors this Independence Day weekend. The schedule will be posted as the event approaches.

For an ongoing list of other Fourth of July shows and events in the Chicago area, check out the Chicago Tribune’s article on where to see fireworks here.

Leave us a comment if you have questions or know of other displays in the area!

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