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Valley Lo Towers, Glenview, Illinois
Nature Trails, Hiking, and Learning: The Best Natural Places in and Around Glenview

Nature Trails, Hiking, and Learning: The Best Natural Places in and Around Glenview

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There is a variety of natural landscapes and nature trails around Glenview, even if it seems like an urban landscape. There is actually a ton of beauty and outdoor activities to be seen between the native plants, wildlife, lakes, rivers, woods, and grasslands. Whether you want to hike, fish, run, bike, view wildlife, or hunt for wildflowers, there is a ton to do around Valley Lo Towers II and Glenview, IL.

River Trail and Nature Center

For a ton of activities and a wonderful nature center, visit River Trail Nature Center. There are free exhibits on the plants, animals, and wild spaces in the area. The onsite nature education team is happy to assist anyone with questions, and you’ll find maps and guides to the adventures that await. The trails run about 2 miles, but you can connect to the Des Plaines Trail System to make it longer. This connects to a myriad of forest preserves and gives access to some wonderful Illinois landscapes. 

Bunker Hill Forest Preserve

The popular Bunker Hill Forest Preserve is a fantastic nature area to also have a picnic. There is plenty of parking and access for all ages. It connects with the North Branch Trail System and has portable bathrooms if you need them. The diverse landscapes such as flood plains, forests, and savanna environments make for a unique experience. Twenty miles of trails can lead you on a pretty grand adventure with wildflowers and bird-watching. 

Skokie Lagoons

This 894-acre lagoon area is awesome for exploring the waters. Canoes, kayaks, and other kinds of boats can access the water, but you can enjoy the trails and picnic areas with ease. The river connects 7 different lagoons with a ton of history behind them. There is a lot to learn about Native Americans, wildlife, landscapes, settlements, and more. There are multiple entrance locations, so be sure to come back again and again. 

Wildwood Nature Center

This is a beautiful place to explore the prairie and learn about the land. All kinds of wildflowers grow here, so keep an eye out as you walk the trails. There are tons of events such as workshops, lectures, classes, outings, and more for people of all ages. This is a great place to share with others and learn about the lay of the land. Ponds and observation decks abound with fish and birds, so come here to connect!

Emily Oaks Nature Center

This 13-acre wonderland is a beautiful savanna filled with native flowers, grasses, trees, ponds, and a big walking trail. A wide variety of programs also exists at this nature center as well. Deer, chipmunks, hawks, foxes, squirrels, and other wildlife make this place home. There is a map of all the paths and has an easy access point. There is also a playground, bike trails, activity center, and more. You can even reserve a campsite or a treehouse!


If you have any other natural places you love around Glenview, feel free to mention them in the comments below and keep checking back for more updates on the blog!

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